Social LCA: why bother?

Why a forum on the value of managing social risks and opportunities?

It is well recognized that competitiveness cannot be based anymore on low prices and low quality. In line with the overarching goal to making the Europe’s industry stronger and more competitive, a smart, innovative and sustainable industry is based, among others, also on high-value added goods and services, and on a transparent and driven value chain management.

The need to address the social issues is clearly expressed both by the market and by the European policies and initiatives, including also the strategy on sustainable finance and the sustainable procurement.

The front runners on the market, the innovators, those to whom a vision is just the first step towards a new success have recognized that the ability to manage social risks and opportunities along the value chain is key to the competitiveness of a globalized economy.

The management of social issues is also an opportunity because it allows consumers to buy a product for what the product represents in terms of social values in addition to its function. Moreover, it is an opportunity for rewarding those companies that are already creating social value for the community.

This year’s forum edition focusses on social aspects of circular economy and as drivers for competitiveness, and on the role of S-LCA methodology in this context.