The International Social LCA Forum

The International Social LCA Forum


Dear Participants,  

As you might be aware the workshop of DG GROW has been postponed.

The policy discussion is the heart of the social LCA Forum and we believe it is crucial to the main objectives of the forum. 

For this reason, we are very sorry to inform you that the forum will be postponed.  

Kind regards

The Organising Committee

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S-LCA can help to evaluate the social aspects of products in the framework of sustainability. This can represent a managerial tool for the evaluation of the stakeholders. Indeed, it is not the dimension of an organisation that is of importance, but it is the density of the linkages it can establish with the stakeholders, in order for positive social effects to be created and for synergies to be effectively communicated. Assessing social impacts is even more significant also in business and public policy contexts.


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